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To whom it may concern:

My company, Axis Systems, had the must-see booth at the most recent DAC (Design and Automation Conference) convention, thanks to David Stahl's engaging and captivating performances.

Axis' goal was to communicate important company information to the largest possible group of show attendees. With David's involvement, we exceeded our goals easily. We are looking forward to working with David again at our upcoming trade shows. I cannot image exhibiting at a trade show without him.

DAC is our most important marketing event each year, accounting for approximately 25 percent of our marketing budget, and David's work as presenter at our trade show booth consistently drew huge crowds to Axis throughout the three-day event.

The consensus among Axis executives, was that no one drew larger crowds, entertained them more effectively or kept them enthusiastic and totally engaged while delivering a very technical company and product information. Based on a comparison of surveys taken immediately following David's presentation, Axis' results this year at DAC showed a 50% higher retention rate of our message than previously. In addition, Axis had stiff competition at the tradeshow. INTEL was next to our booth, and for every person watching their presentations, we had 10-20 people watching ours.

David is not just the most effective performer I've seen; he is also the most professional, and he was the hardest-working person in our booth. The audience at the end of David's act would, at his invitation, enter our booth, scan their badges recording their participation and visit the appropriate demo stations to see Axis products and speak with our sales staff. He worked with our people during the pre-show preparations and quickly integrated to become part of the team. He continually sharpened his performances throughout the event to ensure that the most qualified customers saw our demos and spoke with our sales staff.

Moreover, David was extremely dependable and true to his word in every aspect. He did not promote himself or mention that other companies could hire him for future endeavors even though we had hired him specifically for this event. Some of the audience thought that he worked for Axis and asked him technical questions after his performance.

Having David join our team is the best decision that I've made as senior marketing manager. We highly recommend David, except to our competitors.


Lori Kate Calise
Senior Marketing Manager

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