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Why Choose CrowdMagnet?

Crowd Magnet specializes in Response Marketing.  Our track record at trade shows and sales meetings covers more than twenty years and the gamut of industries.

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CrowdMagnet ensures you will have:

Meaningful crowds in your booth
Enthusiastic response from prospects
Motivated prospects engaged in the Brand Experience
More leads than ever before

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What our clients say about us:

On our first show we had 150 people, then 250 and then 350 and in the end 450 people per show. We were blocking the aisles. It couldn’t have been any better”. – U3 (Technology company)

I wouldn’t want to do any more shows without him– YAHOO / hotjobs
No one drew larger crowds entertained them more effectively or kept them enthusiastic and totally engaged while delivering a very technical company and product information. Surveys showed a 50% higher retention rate of our message than previously. Having David join our team is the best decision that I’ve made as senior marketing manager” -Axis Systems.

David contributed well over 75% of all of our traffic. We get over 1000 leads per day. These are Good Solid Leads” – Galaxi World
“With your partnership, we were able to come home with over 2200 potential new customers for our business” – Insight
“Can David ever work a Crowd, every time he got up we had people at least six deep”. – Research In Motion / Blackberry

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How many performances are given on an average day?

Five presentations during key traffic times will optimize the lead generation process during a typical exhibit day. Each presentation is energy driven, interactive, motivational, and designed to generate interest and results. This formula also provides the necessary time needed after each presentation for your sales staff to gather leads and meet with new prospects and conduct business.

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How long is each performance?

Generally 18 to 25 minutes. It will depend on a variety of factors such as booth location, the type of trade show (an industry show or a consumer show), how much time is needed for your product demonstration after each performance, etc.

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How much space is needed?
We are accustomed to working booths as small as 10’ x 10’, to the larger 2 story theatre style booths that can be as large as 60’ x 60’. Depending on your booth size, our stage requirements range in size from our micro stage which is approximately 20” x 30” to larger stages that are approximately 4’ x 8’.  
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Can CrowdMagnet be added at the last minute?

Yes. Over the years, we have had clients call us following a disastrous first day of a multiple day show. In a state of panic, they realized they were failing to bring in the necessary number of people to justify the cost of exhibiting. They had let a key day slip away, along with a large number of prospects. Instead of risking total failure, they hired us for the subsequent days. Typically, we were able to obtain more leads after our first presentation than they had obtained in the entire previous day. It is however recommended to plan ahead. CrowdMagnet books shows as far as 2 years in advance, however most companies book us two to six months in advance.

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How much does it cost?
The cost will depend on the services provided. Relative to the overall cost of exhibiting, companies find that including CrowdMagnet in the marketing plan is an excellent value. Unlike many trade show expenditures, CrowdMagnet provides an immediate and significant return on your exhibit investment.

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The CrowdMagnet Team

We have assembled a team of experts to ensure success at every trade show we attend.  Our team has a combined 100 + years of experience in Marketing, Entertainment, Media Production, Advertising, Sales, Design and Promotion.

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