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Grand Prize, Best of Interop
--“David Stahl did exactly what we asked of him and that was to fill the booth. He truly is a Crowd Magnet. The results were great, we won the Grand Prize 'The Best of Interop' now everyone will know about us and David had a big part in that.” - F.J. Director of Marketing

--“David consistently drew crowds of 300 to 500 per show. That's right! People were spilling into the hallways surrounding our booth. David's skill is not just in attracting visitors to your booth, but more importantly in communicating your message to potential buyers in a way that gets through. Converting leads becomes real easy!” - C.S. Senior Director, Business Development

--“We had 150 then 250, then 350 and in the end we had 450 people per show, and they just kept coming and coming. It couldn’t have been any better!” - K.P. Senior Vice President

--“He has contributed over 75% of our traffic, and we get over 1,000 leads per day, these are hard, good leads.” - E.B. Director of Marketing

--“While others were standing empty, our booth was full. We had people getting our message and remembering our message.” - A.E. Director of Sales

--“I watched the crowd gather from 2 people to 25 in a matter of seconds. I would highly recommend him.” - M.L. Operations Consultant

--“He gets them to participate in the brand experience. He has a great capability to break down barriers with prospects and get people to identify themselves as prospects; I wouldn’t want to do anymore shows without him.” - D.T. Trade Show & Event Manager

--“A creative way to draw a BIG crowd to your booth at any trade show in the world, David will attract them like bees to honey.” - N.G. Director, Strategic Business Development

--“Every time he got up we had people at least six deep.” - T.K. Event Manager  

--“David Stahl can draw a crowd. In the highly competitive world of trade shows, he is the best!” - P.S. President

--"I want to tell anybody that is thinking of hiring David Stahl you will not be disappointed, he will set the correct expectation and then he will over achieve that expectation.” - I.E. CEO North America

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