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To whom it may concern,

David Stahl has been our “Crowd Magnet” for many of the Trade shows that we exhibit at each year, over the years; David Stahl has worked with several divisions within StorageTek, promoting dozens of different product lines. The products may be different; however the results with David Stahl have always been the same. Very impressive and some times, nothing shy of staggering. A case in point:

At a recent PC Expo in New York City, the crowd surrounding David Stahl was so large, that a CNBC camera crew, there to cover the convention, Couldn’t get past our booth. The cause of this particular New York traffic jam was David Stahl.

David had the aisles packed with people and every time he prompted them to respond, they would shout, “It all adds up with StorageTek”. Within moments, their cameras were focused on the StorageTek booth; it was though they were mesmerized along with the hundreds of people surrounding our booth.

David Stahl is considerate, polite, ethical, highly entertaining, and extremely effective at generating leads and delivering our message to as many people as possible. He is a true asset to our marketing department.


Charmaine Jones
Exhibit Manager and MarComm Consultant

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